Forum Guidelines

Welcome to’s Forum Guidelines (referred to as ‘Guidelines’ from here onward). We are delighted to offer you our warmest welcome to this safe and friendly space.  

Our mission is to become the number one place for the global community of travelers where they can find information about planning their trips from like-minded people and from experts and travel industry businesses. To that end, we invest a lot of work and time to ensure that our actions are aligned with our mission and vision. These Forum Guidelines should not only help you understand how to act within the Tralonet community forums but also help you understand what to expect from all other members in this space.  


We would like all the users of the Tralonet Travelers Community Forum to use this safe space to share stories, tips and advice and to learn from each other’s experiences. Our aim is to encourage a spirit of curiosity, openness, generosity, and tolerance so we can build a strong knowledge base that everyone can benefit from. Ultimately, we want everyone to feel welcome and at home and embrace the true community spirit.


Keep in mind the following Guidelines when you use the Tralonet Travelers Community Forum:

  1. Respect Others - we believe that all our community members should use the Forums and any part of the Tralonet community acting out of respect for each other. Use fitting language and tone of voice, be kind and civil towards all forum members.  
  2. Stay on Topic - only respond to posts if you have something constructive and relevant to add to the discussion. 
  3. Be Helpful and Relevant - always help and support others and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Use your own experience and the valuable knowledge that you have gained as a traveler to help others with their queries. 
  4. Be Friendly - encourage other members to share, use friendly language and always remember that this is a community and not a forum for self-promotion. 
  5. Stick to the facts - when giving advice and answering members’ questions be accurate, specific, and correct in answering and always stick to the facts. When asking a question, please provide enough context so you can get helpful replies back and have a constructive discussion.


We would not tolerate the following behaviors that are in direct contradiction with our values and with the above guidelines. If you violate these rules your content (question or answer) might be put ‘on hold’ by a more experienced community forum member acting as a moderator. You will receive a message and your content will not be made visible to other community forum members until you have edited it in accordance with these ‘Guidelines’.

You must not post content (including text, photos, videos) or links to content that is:

  1. Libelous, defamatory, harassing or threatening.
  2. Pornographic, lewd, or obscene or containing nudity. 
  3. Deceptive, fraudulent, or misleading.
  4. Hateful, harassing, objectionable, offensive, or inappropriate.
  5. Promotes or encourages criminal activities.
  6. Violates the data privacy of any person, including data such as email addresses, names, telephone numbers, etc.);
  7. Violates intellectual property rights. If you are citing copyright protected content, please include relevant references and links.
  8. Includes viruses, trojan horses, bots, or any other type of malware that can damage the site or inflict damage on forum member’s devices.
  9. Used for commercial purposes or self-promotion including adverts, promotions, special offers, coupons etc. If you would like to refer to a commercial content or recommend it to users, you must state whether it’s free or comes at a cost.
  10. Misleading - if you don’t know the answer to the question it’s best not to comment.
  11. Considered spam - whether this is of commercial or non-commercial nature, spam will not be tolerated and will be deleted by or community members with moderator permissions.
  12. Related to customer services issues with a specific travel industry business. Please contact us if you have an issue with a specific business or would like to report an issue.

By using The Tralonet Travelers Community Forum you agree to adhere to these Guidelines and also to the Tralonet General Terms of Service. We reserve the right to update these Guidelines from time to time, without notice, and will post any updates here with a clear indication about the date from which they become valid. We recommend that you review them often to keep them up to date.


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