Content Integrity


Our aim at is to create a community of trust where travelers can feel safe and at home so they can share information with one another, with travel industry experts and related business owners. 

The way we safeguard this trust and ensure that our community stays a welcoming and secure place for all of its users is by establishing clear content guidelines that protect our platform and everyone who uses it. We want to avoid fake content, misuse and misrepresentation of the forums, blogs and articles, business listings, photos, videos, and all content published by our community on

Our rules will be applied equally and consistently and will be valid for all users. We want our content to remain relevant, fresh, friendly, and useful to every member of our community and are committed to administering these guidelines at all times.


We believe that on

  • Everyone should have the right to write about travel as long as they have a worthy, informative, fact based contribution to make.
  • Travelers will benefit mostly from content provided by other travelers and industry experts. 
  • Travel related business owner should be able to clearly state the facts about their business and use their listings to share text, photos and videos about their products or services.

We want everyone who creates and posts content or links to external content on to abide to the following principles with regards to the content:

  • Ensure that all content generated, posted, or shared (via a link) on is honest, reliable, correct, non-plagiarized, properly referenced.
  • Correct and easy to read and understand by all users by following the grammatical and spelling rules of the language in which the content is written.
  • Appropriate - we want to keep our community safe and friendly so please avoid the use of vulgar language, profanities, sexually explicit or racial comments or any content that discriminates, threatens, or insults. We will not tolerate content that depicts or incites criminal activities, is extremely graphic, violent and can be considered offensive or disturbing.
  • The minimum age of anyone posting content on our site should be 13 years so please bear this in mind and also only post content that will be suitable for 13 and above. 
  • Abide to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Forum Guidelines, and these Content Integrity guidelines.


In order to enrich the user experience on and ensure that the community remains a safe space for sharing and usage of content, you should follow the below guidelines when publishing any photos, videos, and any graphic content:

  • Adhere to all the principles as stated in these Content Integrity Guidelines of being relevant, friendly, non-offensive, honest and family friendly, etc.
  • Make sure you only publish original content, relevant to the topic of discussion and if you are using content that’s not created by you, provide a clear reference to the original source.
  • Ensure that the content published on does not violate anyone’s privacy.
  • Provide photos and videos of good quality so travelers can benefit from them. Avoid blurry, distorted and generally bad quality materials.
  • The photos provided should be according to the following specifications: min /max size XXX; recommended ratio - XXX; recommended file type - jpg, png or gif. 
  • Video files should be a maximum of XX MB. The file types we accept are .mov, .mp4 and .m4v.
  • Ensure that your photo or video files are free of malware so they cannot cause any damage to’s site or infect the user’s devices in any way.


The main thing to keep in mind, apart from complying with these Content Integrity Guidelines, when publishing articles and blog posts on is that they should be on topic and serve the needs of the global travel community. Relevance is key here, and we will only allow content that is related to travel, holidays, destination information such as international cuisine, local culture, events, adventure and day trip options, travel related savings etc. 

The main reason for that is that we want to make sure that our users find exactly what they’re looking for without being spammed by commercial content or given information that is not relevant, timely and adequate to their intended travel destination, activity or adventure. 


If you are a travel related business listed on you must ensure that all the information, including but not limited to text, photos and video content abides with these Guidelines. It should be informative, up-to-date, honest, friendly and represent your business in a non-misleading way.  Please ensure to update your listing should any changes occur to your business or your circumstances. 


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