Comment Policy

It is important to have a set of guidelines in place for comments on any website or online platform to ensure a productive and respectful conversation. These guidelines should be clear and easy to understand so that users know what is expected of them when they leave a comment.

- First and foremost, comments that do not contribute to the conversation or are spam, promotional in nature, or intended for back-link purposes will be deleted, and the author will be banned from future commenting ability. This ensures that the comments section is not cluttered with irrelevant or inappropriate content and that the conversation remains on topic.

- Users should use their real first name and email address when commenting. Using a business name, blog name, nickname, initials, or any other fake name will mark the comment as spam and will be deleted. This is to ensure that the comments section is not filled with fake or anonymous comments that do not contribute to the conversation.

- Users should not include their personal blog or business website URL in the comment text unless it directly relates to the conversation taking place. Any comments that are deemed to be self-promoting will be marked as spam and deleted. Additionally, website names or URLs should not be added as a signature, as they will also be deleted. This is to ensure that the comments section is not used as a platform for self-promotion.

- When leaving comments, it is important to use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Although occasional typos may occur, it is necessary to make an effort to follow English writing standards to ensure that your message is understood and reads well. Comments that do not adhere to these guidelines may be edited or removed.

- Before making a comment, users should check if their query has already been addressed in the post's comments section. If a similar or duplicate question has already been answered, the comment is unlikely to get a response. This helps keep the discussion focused and prevents redundant questions.

- Following the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, any comment posted on the website is considered public. By posting a comment, users are giving the website the exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, and transferable license to reproduce, distribute, and otherwise use their comment in any way that the website sees fit.

The following rules & regulations are applied to all comments:

1. All Rights Reserved

The website owner reserves the right to edit, delete, move, or mark any and all comments as spam. They also reserve the right to block access via IP address to anyone or group who violates the comment policy. This ensures that the comments section remains respectful and on topic.

2. Links

Comments with links will be checked before being posted. If the link is just an advertisement for oneself, it will be labeled as spam and removed. If the same user keeps trying to do this, they will be blocked from commenting. Links that are related to the topic of the blog post and are contributing to the discussion may be allowed; however, it is recommended that users do not include them if they are unsure.

3. Copyright/ Plagiarism

If notice is received that a comment contains proprietary, copyrighted, or plagiarized information, the offending comment will be deleted, and the commenter will be blocked from further commenting ability. This ensures that the comments section is not used to share copyrighted or plagiarized content.

4. Email

An authentic and verified email address is mandatory for commenting and subscribing to comments. Your personal email address will never be published on the blog or revealed to any third party. We may use your email address to contact you privately. By leaving a comment on this blog, you are granting us permission to contact you through email with regard to your comment and for marketing and informational purposes. Furthermore, you may unsubscribe from blog comment notifications and email correspondence at any time.

5. Privacy

We treat your privacy with the utmost respect. Any comments or messages containing email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers, or any other private or personal data will be edited or removed to keep the privacy of the individual in question secure. As a way to avoid this editing or deletion, please never share confidential information within the  comments or in any social media forums. For more details, please read through the privacy policy.

6. Respect

Comments that contain offensive language, or are deemed disrespectful and insulting by the blog owner, will be removed, and the commenter will be barred from making future comments. No personal attacks towards the post author or other commenters are allowed. You may voice your opinion or disagree with the content, but be sure not to criticize the post author or other commenters. If you do not show respect to the other participants on this blog, your comment will be deleted, and you will be blocked from this platform. As a general guideline, it is expected that you'll not say anything to us or any other commenter at the blog forum which you prefer not to say to your parents, grandparents, or maybe a child.

7. Relevance

If you wish to comment on , please ensure that it is related to the post being read. Any comments or questions which are not pertinent to the article may go unanswered. Adhering to our policies, we do not allow comments with promotional purposes, such as increasing back-links, brand exposure, or personal website traffic. If found, these comments will be removed, and the commenter will be blocked from any further interaction. In case you have a question about a specific health topic, please use the search box provided, or contact us through the form provided with a suggestion for a future blog post.

8. Spam

Comments which are categorized as spam will be deleted and labeled as spam. Individuals who persistently post spam will be prohibited from leaving comments in the future, and their IP addresses will be blocked from accessing

9. Liability

By submitting a comment on, you acknowledge that the content in your comment is your own, and you agree to take full responsibility for it. You also agree to not hold Tralonet®, the site, or any post authors or commenters liable for any consequences that may come from the comment.

10. Gravatar

If you'd like to comment easily, we recommend signing up for Gravatar. Doing so will enable your comment to be approved quickly and will display your image alongside your comment.

What if my comment does not appear?

We ask that you please be patient, as all comments are moderated and may not be approved immediately. Unless you believe your initial comment was not posted correctly, please refrain from submitting it a second time.

In a nutshell

Stay positive & be respectful!

If you don't agree with the guidelines for commenting on, please do not post. We have the right to edit any comment as we see fit, and this is not a democratic platform where freedom of speech is granted. Still, If you'd like to express your thoughts and opinions, perhaps you could start your own blog.

No medical advice!

We would like to emphasize that none of the opinions addressed here are from any medical doctor, lawyer, or healthcare expert. Therefore, we are unable to address any queries in this regard, even if asked in the form of a comment or question. We share our experiences with the intention of motivating you to make wise health-related decisions after consulting with a specialist. However, it must be kept clear that we don't offer any advice for a particular issue or illness. Therefore, requests for medical advice will remain unanswered.

The data found on this website or given to you upon request is intended solely for informational purposes and can be used for references, but it must be acknowledged that no material on is meant to be used for diagnosing, treating, stopping, or curing any health condition.

No Food & Drug Administration Evaluation!

This website does not suggest any particular type of medical treatment and advises people not to manage their own health problems without consulting a healthcare practitioner. Any information acquired from this website should not be used as a substitute for a healthcare provider consultation. If you have any health concerns, it is advisable to speak with a professional healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Copyrights Reserved!

No content from this website, including images, text, audio, video, and other forms of content (including the information on this comment policy page), may be downloaded, reproduced, and republished without the copyright holder's written permission.

Tralonet® and hold the copyright to the Website and its Content, organized in a compilation, as protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Tralonet® may alter the website, delete any content, features, or services, and retain all rights not clearly given at any point and for any cause or none.

We appreciate you taking the time to read and would love it if you would participate in the dialogue by regularly leaving comments!


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